Crêpe Roulette


We offer a variety of honestly priced sweet & savoury crepes using our very own home-made crêpe batter.


Our sweet crêpes include Lemon & Sugar, Nutella, Banoffee (fresh banana & toffee sauce), The Marshmallow Crêpe (melting marshmallows with sprinkles & toffee sauce) and Butter, Brown Sugar & Cinnamon.


Our savoury options take you on a tasty tour of the world from The Mexican Crêpe (cheese, beans, chilli sauce & fresh parsley), The Continental Crêpe (cheese, roasted red peppers & fresh basil), The Country Crêpe (cheese, garlic & fresh parsley) and The Cheese & Mushroom Crêpe.


If we are asked in advance we can also provide gluten free crêpes, vegan crêpes and lactose free crêpes at your party, wedding or special event. Likewise if there is any particular type of crêpe that you would like added to our menu then please arrange this with us beforehand.






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